3 Tips For Increasing Metabolism In Women Above 50

You are above 50 and think increasing metabolism after 50 is impossible, which isn’t the truth. It is a myth that women above the age of 50 years cannot increase their metabolism. Metabolism is based on thyroid, genetics and muscle mass. Low metabolism rate is visible among senior women due to weak body and muscle. As she ages, a woman tends to lose muscle mass, which contributes to a lower metabolic rate. However, there exist ways to increase it.

A concentration on a senior diet is the solution for increasing metabolism. Regular meals, healthy food, daily exercise, and drinking plenty of water are some of the methods to fulfill your requirement.

Tips for Increasing Metabolism of Senior Women:

  • Frequent Eating – Yes! This is the best medicine for increasing your metabolism. Skipping meals will make you weak from within and decreases metabolism. Instead, eat more on frequent intervals. Always eat a healthy breakfast, discard fried and fatty items. Also, increasing your daily water intake is significant. Water keeps the body hydrated and increase the glow on your face. Avoid eating junk regularly; once in a while is absolutely alright.
  • Regular Exercise – Meditation, yoga or jogging/walking is the best medicine for a fit body. It is good for senior health to exercise at least 1 hour each day. A machine exercise in a gym should be avoided, if possible. Yoga and morning walk should be increased. Strength training will increase your metabolism since muscles burn more calories than fat.
  • Plenty of Rest – We aren’t a machine to run continuously. In reality, even machines need to rest for better and faster performance. Similarly, our body needs rest to restore itself for optimum performance. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night is important for a fit and healthy body. Also, maintain a routine of your sleeping and waking time. As they say ‘early to bed, early to rise.” This saying is true and works completely in favor. This will also increase your metabolism rate. Lack of sleep causes several health problems like vomiting, pimples on the face and even it leads to weight gain. Give rest to your body as much as you can.

Concentrate on senior diet more. Consult your physician for a detailed diet chart and follow it completely for better senior health.

Follow these tips and experience a change in your metabolism rate, body and overall look and feel.

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